Tuning up the project…

A conversation with Chiara Figone – director of Archive books (our partner in this project).

We had a long talk about the current situation in art publishing and possible directions to take for our book.

Archive is many things together; it’s a platform for cultural research and debate. It brings together activists and cultural practitioners in an adaptable and non-hierarchal structure with the aim to foster a unique space for discussion and exchange. Archive is engaged in a wide range of activities including publishing and exhibition making, but also it’s a design department that brings a conceptual approach to the relation between text and image.Here some pictures of our staying at Archive Kabinett (both a library/bookshop showcasing a selected range of printed matters, and simultaneously a space for lectures, screenings and exhibitions). www.archivebooks.org


Lately, Chiara gave us some more informations about a group of activists in Tempelhofer Feld called 100% Tempelhofer Feld, in fact. They were able to change the urban planning in order to keep public spaces for the inhabitants (more about the referendum on this article we found on Hurriyet Daily News). One of the view-points we are going to continue observing after this travel.



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