Porta Palazzo is a popular market area in Turin very close to the city centre, with a very mixed population and a vivid cultural and social scene. The project’s actions included:

– a round table in Piazza della Repubblica (the main square and the market’s heart) with experts (Irene Pittatore and Annelies Vaneycken – artists, Lisa Parola and Luisa Perlo – curators at a.titolo, Giovanni Semi – sociologist at Università degli Studi di Torino, Alberto Vanolo – geographer at Università degli Studi di Torino, Nicoletta Daldanise – cultural mediator) and citizens about the strategies of local urban regeneration. Watch the intro on vimeo
– a focus group with social workers (Tavolo Tessere Interesse) about the possible contaminations between art and community based projects
Torino – Berlino packing list, a public talk at K-Hole with the experts involved in the artist book
– a workshop of exploration and representation of the area together with the inhabitants
– an installation within Architettura in Città 2014 festival at nb bookstore
– several panels (We-Traders Turin, A conversation with Market Zone, etc.)


Focus on Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukölln: three neighborhoods where gentrification and processes of urban transformation involve the art scene in a visible way, contributing to the touristic promotion of an underground imaginary related to the city and its historical contrasts. The project’s actions included:

– exploration of the area and construction of a visual archive
– interviews with the directors of projects related to the public spaces
– conversations with experts
– design of the artist’s book in collaboration with Archive books


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