A political and social framework on art and urban transformations

IMG_4036A conversation with Martin Schönfeld – responsible for the Public Art Office at Kulturwerk des bbk berlins GmbH


The goal of bbk berlins is to create a framework of conditions for all artists, making it possible to work independently of obligations to adapt or commercialize and without restrictions on artistic freedom. In the interests of artists, bbk berlins is committed to transparency and having a say on committees that make decisions on art. In addition to the imperative presence at relevant meetings and conferences of important committees, the association mobilizes its members when pressure appears necessary to push through interests.


They also provide some facilities to the artists inside their network, such as studios and studio apartments, sculpture workshops, printing studios, professionalization programmes and an archive to be consulted by a committee, at the moment of some art competitions in public spaces.

We met Martin Schönfeld at their Public Art Office (founded since the 70’s!), who guided us in their activities and their intentions to be widely open  in the city and in Europe with their calls for artists. Further more, he offered us a very enlightening picture of the artists’ migrations from outside to the different areas of Berlin.





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