A splash in berlinerpool

IMG_3961 IMG_3954
A few days ago, we met Andrzej Raszyk, director at berlinerpool, an organization aimed to extend art networks locally but also in an international perspective through projects, debates and a mobile physical archive of international artists, curators, art managers and art venues in Berlin. berlinerpool, whose location periodically moves in several spaces of the city, is committed to the preservation, accessibility, spreading and making of culture.


During an intense conversation, Andrzej offered a bunch of interesting informations about the local art scene and invited us to a public talk within the programme Mapping contemporary concerns, titled Opening the space of the propositional: collective approaches in Berlin-based art production, in which Paz Ponce Perez (chief-curator at berlinerpool) moderated a dense focus on collaborative dynamics in art.

For sure a very helpful contact that we are going to pursue for our research.




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