The street is not a gallery

Notes for a critical point of view on our research in front of a beetroot smoothie and vegetables from Prinzessinengarten


During our conversation with Marco Clausen – co-founder at Prinzessinengarten – some contradictions about the social role of artists and the perception of our self-reflective perspective came out. Here you can find some highlights we are going to develop in the next weeks:

1. Possible risks involved in the use of the word “gentrification” in a wide sense. In Berlin this phenomenon has complex reasons and several developments.

2. Necessity of being rooted in a specific area and living its daily life in order to develop a proper community based project – informal education practices suggested as the only way to be effective on a context.

3. Common users are often not able to track the artistic interventions in a very characterized space. How improving a synergy between the context and the artistic research with mutual effects?

4. The eternal querelle about artists/activists. Are these two dimensions inescapably apart?

5. If an artist is able to properly express a collective feeling, need or memory. Should we consider the authorship as a controversial issue? At which conditions is accepted instead?

6. A self-reflective perspective on the social role of the artist towards urban transformations maybe scaring. How to start an interdisciplinary dialogue about it – possible methodologies.

Then the rain starts falling on the end of our conversation and Marco Clausen stated some days later “The street is not a gallery”. We appreciated very much this summary, let’s keep questioning about it…



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