Dinosaurs, flowers and tree-climbing

A walk through the experience and the work space of Irina Novarese at BLO-AteliersIMG_3265
foto 4

IMG_3323 IMG_3272

With welcome and kindness as guides, our research has found new directions and energy.

Having a coffee with Irina Novarese meant for us to discover her five-yearly life experience in Berlin and to visit her working space in BLO-Ateliers (Bahnbetriebswerk Ost Berlin Lichtenberg), founded in 2004 by LOCKKUNST association on the area of an old Prussian train depot.

Irina moved in Berlin, Kreuzberg, in 2000, when the intense migratory flows towards the city hasn’t started yet. At that time, she didn’t speak German at all.

The Master she attended between 2005 and 2008, Art in Context at University of the Arts, has been a crucial experience to meet Berliner Institutions, services and art professionals with whom she is actually in touch: BBK, NGBK, Berliner Pool, …

Talking about the recent mass transfer of artists with the obvious consequences of unsustainable competition and a system implosion, we fix our next meeting for Sunday at Spreeufer für alle, a citizens annual demonstration to fight against the wild edification of new buildings around the East Side Gallery and Spree.






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